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Friday, March 29, 2013

Search engine optimization tricks: Guaranteed SEO tactics for blogger blogs

We all know importance of SEO in online industry. I often get mail asking what is the success behind any blogger's blog. Let me tell you too, there is no any so called HIDDEN SECRET TO SEO. All is your dedication and hard work. It is certain that you are not going to be millionaire just by blogging some post. You have to develop passion and dedication, who knows then, you may be in the list of Millionaires!

Always remember there is no secret behind any successful blog. Along with content, all you need is Search engine optimization of your blog. To be number one in search result,  just create quality blogger post and publish it often.

Below I have listed guaranteed SEO tactics for blogger blogs. It isn't what I just got by surfing over internet, it is what I have myself implemented in my several blogs!

Blogger Sitemap
This is must important for every blogs. The Sitemap file is just like a directory of all web pages (blog posts) that exist on your website or blog. You have to at least submit sitemaps to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).

Note that default XML sitemap file of any Blogger blog contains only the 26 most recent blog posts. You have to generate a complete sitemap for your blogger blog to get full indexed in search engines.

Blogger Post Optimization
Regarding the blogger post optimization, two things are more important: one optimizing your post content and other your blog title. I only mentioned two as third one is image optimization. If your blog is content rich first two are must and if image rich, image optimization is must. I give emphasis on post and title optimization and let my ads earn handsome amount from image ads; just kidding!

You must distribute keywords throughout your post. If you have mentioned keywords in url, title, post and image, BINGO your works are finished and there are search engines waiting to crawl your content. You are now headache for your competitor if you get top search engine placement.

Meta Tags
Don't scratch your head. I know meta keywords are no more in the priority list of google. But still google follows the meta description. That's why blogger has given you the option to put meta description even to your individual blogger posts.

If you still ask me: Should I add meta keyword tags to my blogger blog? Of course why to miss an opportunity. Remember google may be the father of search engines but all search engines aren't dead though! Hope you have heard about keyword stuffing. You cannot hide just adding keywords, keywords, keywords. It must be uniformly distributed. Remember two google monsters: Penguin and Panda update!

Keywords Linking
Linking your one post with another post help the robots to do deep analysis of your blog posts. Whenever available try to link your old content with appropriate anchor tags. Remember I have mentioned proper anchor tags as it is more important to you, visitors and robots too. Put it as the part of a sentence.

You should always use nofollow and dofollow attributes. Better keep your internal links as dofollow (default) and external links as nofollow. Note that linking passes juice from one post to another post. Play with link juice within your blog!

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Blog Load Time
Time is important for everyone. Just remember how many times you have hit back button if the blog/site components open one after other: First blog header, title, post, image.....Earlier I used to blame my internet connection. It can be from blog side too. Always try to reduce your blog load time as Google also values load time a lot.

These are useful search engine optimization tips which will definitely help you to rank higher in blogging community.
And last but not the least thank you for your time! I am not an angry young man, comments are always welcomed!! 


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