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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adsense earnings dropped 2013

There are lots of discussion going on forums as the Google Adsense earnings have dropped dramatically from May 2013.

Report published by Adsense team on May 2, 2013 has claimed that it is now maintaining accuracy in its Adsense reporting.

Adsense has started removing the invalid activity from publisher Adsense reports. Earlier inavalids (so called by Adsense) and impressions also used to appear in AdSense performance reports.

This step from Google Adsense side is expected to increase CPC (cost-per-click) and RPM (revenue per thousand impressions). As invalid clicks would not be shown in the dashboard which may show less CTR than earlier but data would be accurate.

Although the problem of Adsense earnings fluctuating throughout the day have been solved, it isn't easy for Adsense to convince the webmasters.

If you are You tube publisher and found your Adsense earnings dropped dramatically then there may be another reason too. Estimated earnings from YouTube are no longer being displayed in Google AdSense as of April 1, 2013.

If you ask me personally, definitely I have seen decrease in CTR but CPC is handsome. It is just starting of May and will be too hurry to predict the monthly earnings now.

Did you noticed any change in your latest Adsense report? Any Change in CTR, CPC or RPM?


  1. I haven't checked my Adsense earnings much in the past few months, but when I logged in today, I was shocked! Traditionally I make about $50-100 per month, but for the past two months it has been ZERO! Something is definitely strange with this! And this month I have about $1.10 in total, while I used to make easily 3-5X that much DAILY.

    I have looked at a lot of forums, but in all honestly cannot see why this would be happening all of a sudden. I checked my videos and they are all still monetized so it cannot be that. I have not had any announcements from YouTube or Google saying my account has been blocked, either. So it is a complete mystery to me why this HUGE drop in revenue would be occurring as of about March. Shocking, actually.

    If anyone else has experienced their account basically going to ZERO over the past few months, please let me know at my YouTube account.


    1. Same comment is from other publishers too. Even though our CTR (other blog) has dramatically decreased but CPC is good with around same revenue than earlier. Hope you are aware about new policy that estimated earnings from YouTube are no longer being displayed in Google AdSense as of April 1, 2013. You can only get it in your You tube section. If this not the case with you then you must contact the team immediately!

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  3. It's just a change in reporting. Google wants you to go to YouTube Analytics to see your earnings. It's a royal pain. It took a while but I figured out a workaround and posted it in a video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X55k2URCz9Q

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