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Friday, May 3, 2013

Google PageRank Update May 2013

Update May 22, 2013
Finally the waiting days are over. Google has officially confirmed that it started rolling out Penguin 2.0 update today afternoon. As predicted, Google Page Rank update May 2013 could start anytime now.

Update May 21, 2013
We are near to the end of this month but May Google page rank update hasn't started yet. However new penguin update is confirmed to start this week. Matt Cutts has already said that Penguin 2.0 will be much more comprehensive than Penguin 1.0 and it will go deeper and have a larger impact than the original.  If it is the case then might the google is planning to clear some sites before starting to give PR.

Update May 8, 2013

First week of May has already passed but no Google Page Rank update for May 2013. Hope it be rolled in second week (as mentioned below). GOOD LUCK!!

Google has been updating PR regularly on quarterly basis. Google last PageRank update in 2013 was on February 04 th 2013. If the Google PR update trend goes in the same way, then Google PageRank update will be in first or second week of May 2013.

Webmasters have worked lot to improve search engine rankings and top search engine placement. They are eagerly waiting for next Google Pagerank update in May 2013.

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Google Page Rank depends upon the quality backlinks to your site. The more quality backlinks to your site, better your ranking will be.

This blog is just two months old. I am not hoping PR this time but preparing for Google PageRank Update August 2013.

What about you? What Google PR do you expects this May?


  1. I expect something big this time! :)

    1. Hope you will get as expected :)

  2. Ready, pagerank is again a good value

  3. 2 factors have been identified for google update may 2013 http://www.panfecta.com/google-update-may-2013

  4. I'm hoping my site http://www.naturaldry.com begins to rank. It has been about a year and we are still 0/10.

  5. Eagerly waiting for the update, I am sure we could get more than 4.

  6. I Will Believe it when i see it with my own two eyes

  7. Thanks for update ..really article with genuine reasons...thanks for sharing...keep the good works going..:-)

  8. I remember a couple of years ago when Google didn't roll out a pagerank update for about eight or nine months. Perhaps this will be similar and we'll have to wait for several months before the next update.

  9. I would have thought that the pr update would have been straight after the penguin update.. or 1 before and then another one straight after... but i guess that would have been to helpful.

  10. Hope i get good PR this time .......

  11. I have been waiting for the Google Pagerank update just like everyone else. I believe it will come, but when Google decides this is anyone guess.

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  15. I didn't notice any update on my R around that period?

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  17. i think google pagerank will not update in 2013 again.

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