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Monday, April 29, 2013

Adsense earnings fluctuating throughout the day!

Have you ever experienced your AdSense earnings fluctuation within the same day? Just two hours earlier you checked, the earning was in dollar but soon dropped to cents! Don't scratch your head regarding this matter. You are not alone. Just Google you will lots of AdSense complaint regarding this issue!
AdSense claims it to be the lag between gross click counts and invalid click detection. Yes you heard it right, INVALID CLICK!!!

Now you can have another question, sorry my AdSense clicks are valid, I never click on my own ads..bla bla.. then Why AdSense is counting my ad clicks as Invalid?

Google says that such issue is common for accounts with low traffic volume. But what if my blog traffic is in thousands and CTR is below 0.5?

Well suppose one of your blog visitor clicked ads randomly and finding it and ad, closed ASAP or let another visitor double clicked the same ad! In this cases,  AdSense displays all clicks and calculate earnings. After some hours, again decrease your AdSense earning assuming invalid clicks and click fraud.

What about you?  Have you ever encounter this with your Google accounts?