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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is there blogger post limit per day?

Have you ever posted dozens of posts per day in blogger? You may be familiar with the result if you have posted several posts per day using your blogger account. Recently I got a mail asking if there is a "blogger post limit per day" Answer is NO.
You can post as many post as you can in blogger. I personally have an experience of posting around 50 posts per day for my another blog.
Better you post taking certain interval. If you post continuously one after another, you may have to face Captcha. You are asked to prove that you're not a robot.
When you cross 40 posts, posted frequently (within two hours from mine experience) you will face this message. But remember you can post as much as you can entering captcha even after your blogger post limit per day is over. A below message box popped up after my blogger post limit was over. Have you ever experienced this!



  1. Yap, I face it like *now* when I'm typing this message, that quite sucks. But thanks for the info though, now I know why I get blocked. Maybe I'll just continue to post tomorrow

  2. My Blogger is showing me this error daily after a no posts Exceeds :( plzz Help Me

    Please prove you're not a robot

    Because you've made a large number of posts today, please prove that you are not a robot by entering the words below.

  3. I hate having to deal with CAPTCHA. Does anyone else?