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Friday, April 26, 2013

970X90 ad size launched by Adsense

AdSense has recently launched 970X90 'Super Leaderboard' Ad Units. AdSense expects richer user engagement with the new 970X90 ad size.

AdSense further claims that 970X90 ad units are a newly adopted IAB standard and are also known as ‘super leaderboards’.

In March, AdSense made change in AdSense text Ad Formats which somehow looks like Media Net Ads!

As 970X90 a unit is new to AdSense, it is currently displaying text ads. It can show up to four text ads (as shown below). Also 728x90 image ads are shown in place of 970X90 image ads.

Source: AdSense.BlogSpot.Com

I have tried this ad unit on one of my blog and found increase in CTR. I have replaced 728X90 ad units with new 970X90 ad units. Looking two days data, my CTR has increased by 50%. More importantly CPC is around same.
Well have to observe for at least one week for actual data!

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