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Friday, April 26, 2013

XML Sitemap in blogger

Blogger is currently rolling out XML sitemaps to all BlogSpot blogs. This new feature will automatically create a Sitemap for blogger blogs.
As we know, XML Sitemap is a XML document used by Search Engines to identify and crawl pages on our websites.

Earlier the only way to add sitemaps to webmaster tools was to use blogger feeds with a limit of 500 posts per sitemap. After this new XML Sitemap in blogger, no need to manually add the sitemaps in webmaster tools.

How to add Sitemap to webmaster Tools?
After the Sitemaps are officials, you just need to add sitemap.xml as your Blog’s sitemap. That's it!

How to access the sitemap of my blogger blog?
To access the sitemap, jut add sitemap.xml to the end of your Blog’s URL.
Like: YOURBLOGURL/sitemap.xml

Isn't it easy to add XML Sitemap in blogger now?